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WMC Vision Statement

  • To provide a meeting point for interested Malayalee youths all over the World to open up new possibilities for their economic, political and social growth and better understanding by extrapolating their inherited rich culture and economic, political and social values.
  • To organize international network of Malayalee youths to constantly communicate, share and update their knowledge base.
  • To seek out and recognize talents, skills and intelligence on a global level and mobilize them for enhancement of professional development, career advancement, and technological breakthrough.
  • To develop programs and projects of common interest including, but not limited to social, cultural, political, economic, educational and philanthropic.

Youth Forum Switzerland: Goals & Objectives

To provide a common platform for the Malayalee youth scattered around in Switzerland to come together and to achieve the goals as set forth in the Vision statement. Youth Forum of WMC-Swiss Province was officially inaugurated in Oct. 2002 by Padmabhushan Dr. K.J Yesudas.


The Youth Forum in Switzerland is constituted with a Provincial Committee and functionally divided into three geographical divisions; Basel Division, Zurich Division & Tessin Division. Every division have divisional office bearers. WMC-Swiss Province has delegated a parental committee to guide the Youth Forum. This committee is headed by a General Convenor assisted by Convenors in each Division


Standard activities of the Youth Forum consists of a Winter-sports-day, Summer sports-weekend, Summer camp, a Youth Festival besides seasonal picnics, conducting seminars and other programmes associated with WMC-Swiss. Youth Forum engages also in social and charity activities.

WMC Youth Forum - Office Bearers for 2018-2019


Shreyas Paruvakattu

General Secretary

Sruthi Maria


Mansen Maniamparayil

WMC Youth Forum - Office Bearers for 2018-2019

General Convenor

Basil Antoney