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WMC Women's Forum


To provide a forum for Malayalee Women in Switzerland to discuss their issues and work on topics of common interest. To provide a platform for interaction with similar women’s forums in the global network of WMC.

Goals & Objectives

  • Develop international understanding among Malayalee women.
  • Project a positive image of Malayalee women all over the world.
  • Work for the advancement of women and children of all races in the area of health, education and welfare.
  • Discuss problems affecting women around the world.
  • Develop programs and projects to help the women in Kerala.
  • Encourage more interaction between Malayalee women around the world.
  • Women’s Forum of WMC-Swiss Province was officially inaugurated in June 2004 by Urvashi Shobana.


The Women’s Forum in Switzerland is constituted with a Provincial Committee. Considering the scattered malayalee community in various regions of Switzerland, it is also decided to have divisions in Basel, Zurich & Tessin.


Standard activities of the Women’s Forum consist of organising events to bring the members together to engage in activities of common interest. They support in the proper organisation of WMC programmes. They organise one-day picnics and similar events. Women’s Forum also engages themselves in social and charity activities.

Womens Forum meeting was held on 16th January 2018 at Kat. Kirchenzentrum in Embrach and elected the following persons as the new office bearers for the next two years, 2018 - 2019:


Molly Parampett

Vice President

Mini Bose

Vice President

Rosily Chathamkandam

Vice President

Rosili Nambusseril

Gen. Secretary

Thankamma Chittakkattu


Thresiamma Srambical


Aleyamma Geevarghese


Dollins Korattikkattutharayil