Nava Kerala Project - Village adoption ‘Laloor’

WMC - World Malayalee Council

Philosophy of the Nava Kerala Project:

The World Malayalee Council (WMC) aspires for a holistic development of society. WMC believes that economic development is fundamental to overall human development. For the establishment of a healthy society, it is first of all imperative to attain economic self sufficiency. The World Malaylaee Council is committed to bringing positive transformations in the socio-economic and cultural spheres of Malayalee Society. The WMC will act as a catalyst to trigger this process.

Navakerala village adoption project aims to improve the overall quality of life of the people in the selected village. The specific features of our projects are given below.

  • The project aims to offer infrastructure back-ups in the health, education, energy, water management, and social welfare sections.
  • The project aims to generate direct and indirect employment opportunities through self sustained cottage industries, small scale manufacturing service sector industries, and agro-floury-horticultural based activities.
  • The project aims to provide computer literacy in the villages.
  • The project aims to provide counselling guidance units for the villages.
  • The project aims to enrich cultural standards.


The Laloor Project was initiated in 2000 as part of the Nava Kerala Project of the World Malayalee Council. During the years 2000 and 2001 WMC Officials visited several villages and held discussions with like minded organizations and individuals. At the end of 2001 Laloor village situated on the outskirts of Trichur in Kerala was identified after careful evaluation by the Executive Council of the WMC-Swiss Province.

Laloor is no ordinary village. The people of Laloor have the misfortune of living under extremely poor and unhealthy circumstances. Laloor is a colony of make-shift dwellings that have come up in the neighbourhood of a waste disposal area. It was the near desperate situation of the people there, and their positive attitude to change that encouraged the WMC- Swiss Province to be involved in the area.

Project organization

The WMC- Swiss Province was fortunate to identify several committed individuals in the vicinity, who were willing to join hands with the WMC. Some of the professors from St. Thomas College Trichur and together with some of the post graduate students formed the Association for Social Change (ASC) to coordinate the projects of the Swiss Province locally. As a first step a study was conducted into the living conditions of the people of Laloor by some post graduate students of ST. Alosius college-Elathuruth. which gave sufficient statistical data to draw lines of activities in Laloor. The projects were to be chosen by Self Help Groups (SHG) organized with the guidance of our local coordinators, the ASC. In due course of time 18 SHGs were formed with people identified to be below the Poverty Line.

Navakerala – Laloor, Project was officially inaugurated by the Dist. Collector on 1st May 2002 at Corporation Community Hall, Ayyanthole.

To achieve our goals the following criteria were laid down:

  • The WMC- Swiss Province considers projects meaningful, if they empower people and make them less dependent on outside help.
  • We support individuals only if they can contribute to their own progress.
  • We wish to be committed to the people of Laloor for a relatively long period of time.
  • The administrative costs of our projects must be minimal (below 5 Percent).

The residents of Laloor are not objects of our projects; but they are the subjects of their own initiatives